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Embarking on your yoga journey begins on your mat with an open heart.   This is your special time set aside for yourself as an act of self love.   Wake up right now for your youthful journey!!   Feel the lightness in your body and mind.   Yoga is the best way to achieve this lightness.   Get ready to feel the instant relief and lasting transformation in every single yoga class.

At Yoga Inn, we welcome beginners with a simple yoga session of basic sequencing.   Later, we build up strength and flexibility towards more advanced yoga postures.   We focus on tailoring a yoga programme which works at a comfortable pace for everyone.

Having an interest and wanting to progress further in your yoga journey is already the first step to self love and a path full of many discoveries.

Yoga is for all generations and it is not limited to any specific category of people. If you have the will-power to learn, then Yoga Inn is your platform.


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